30 Entrepreneurs From Belgium Visited Colombia to Invest in Infrastructure and Green Energy

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30 Entrepreneurs From Belgium Visited Colombia to Invest in Infrastructure and Green Energy.

The Ambassador of Colombia in Belgium, Jorge Rojas Rodríguez, announced that significant entrepreneurs are considering the possibility of investing in infrastructure and clean energy in Colombia.

The thirty entrepreneurs visited the country to learn about what it offers in terms of energy transition and green hydrogen. Additionally, they aimed to identify potential business opportunities for investment in infrastructure.

Belgian entrepreneurs want to invest in Colombia. “The European Union proposes a strategic alliance for the production of clean energy and green hydrogen, and Colombia suggests energy communities and its immense potential for water, wind, and solar resources for a fair energy transition,” explained Ambassador Rojas.

On the other hand, the government also revealed that they are working together to promote the use of green hydrogen, one of the pathways to achieve energy transition and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

“Belgium and Colombia are positioning themselves as powerful allies in clean energy and are visionary in the production, storage, and transport of green hydrogen,” Rojas pointed out.

The news generated great expectations among internet users, who did not hesitate to highlight the work of the Gustavo Petro government: “Excellent management, Ambassador”; “Congratulations, Jorge, for that work”; “Very good news, the change continues and will continue.”

One of the flagship initiatives of the Gustavo Petro government is to establish the path towards an energy transition, making decisions that have led to decarbonizing the economy, cutting dependence on oil, coal, and gas, and expanding the use of clean energy.

So far this year, the government has invested 95 billion, benefiting more than 70,000 people with community energy projects and solar roofs in public institutions for municipalities in categories five and six, which are the smallest in the country.

The government’s commitment includes interesting aspects such as energy communities for energy generation led by beneficiaries and the creation of special mining districts for productive diversification.


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