$6.1 Billion Project – Hydrogen Energy Chair Senator Bob Archuleta Remarks on Hydrogen Energy Investments in Proposed 2022-2023 State Budget

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Senator Bob Archuleta Hydrogen

Pico Rivera – Senator Bob Archuleta (D-Pico Rivera), chair of the Senate Select Committee on Hydrogen Energy focusing on the role of hydrogen energy in helping the state meet its zero emission targets, noted investments the Governor’s proposed budget for 2022-2023 makes in hydrogen energy technology

“I am closely following the Governor’s proposed budget, which includes $6.1 billion over five years for investments in zero emission vehicles. I am thrilled to see $1.1 billion set aside for zero emission trucks, buses, off road equipment and fueling infrastructure. There is an emerging consensus that hydrogen is well suited to power the medium and heavy-duty transportation sector, meaning these investments will go a long way towards advancing our zero carbon goals. However, going forward on budgetary revisions, I plan to advocate for funding to accelerate the deployment of light duty hydrogen infrastructure. The omission of funding in the budget to accelerate the development of light and medium duty hydrogen infrastructure will have a detrimental impact on meeting our state’s ambitious zero emission vehicle goal. In my district, home to many long-distance commuters and drivers who need quick fueling, we are in desperate need of more hydrogen fueling stations. California, like many other states and nations around the world, must commit resources to continue to attract private sector investment in hydrogen infrastructure and not put all its eggs in the battery electric vehicle basket.”

The Senate Committee on Hydrogen Energy brings together a diverse coalition of stakeholders ranging from academics and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fleet operators, to auto manufacturers and port operations administrators to inform the legislature on hydrogen fuel’s current uses, and what hydrogen’s future should look like.

“I plan to work closely with this committee, the administration, and the budget committee to ensure this budget includes funding for all hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Our climate response portfolio should be diversified and not entirely reliant on battery electric vehicles to ensure that everyone has the buying option to purchase a zero emission vehicle. As new housing units come online in already densely populated communities, access to an electric vehicle-charging outlet may not be feasible for every resident, especially where residents must park on a public street. However, a refueling station for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could allow residents within a given region a zero emission vehicular option that can be parked anywhere, and can access the ever-increasing network of refueling stations already permitted, and under construction.”

Senator Bob Archuleta represents the 32nd Senate District, which includes portions of Los Angeles County and Orange County. He is Chair of the Senate Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs, Chair of the Select Committee on Hydrogen Energy, and member of the Senate Select Committee on California, Armenia and Artsakh Mutual Trade, Art and Cultural Exchange.

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