8 Rivers Debuts Revolutionary 8RH2 Tech, Paving the Way for Ultra-Low Carbon Hydrogen and Ammonia Production

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8 rivers debuts revolutionary 8rh2 tech paving the way for ultralow carbon hydrogen and ammonia production

In a triumph for sustainable energy innovation, 8 Rivers has introduced its newest achievement – the 8RH2 technology, which is set to redefine the landscape of ultra-low carbon hydrogen and ammonia production. This development marks a significant advancement in combating climate change.

This technological marvel, the brainchild of renowned UK-based chemical engineer Rodney Allam MBE, heralds a new era in hydrogen technology. An esteemed innovator, Allam is credited with the pioneering Allam-Fetvedt-Cycle (AFC) power cycle, a significant stepping stone in this new invention. The 8RH2 technology leverages superior CO2 processes by utilizing a CO2 Convective Reformer (CCR). This cutting-edge technology represents years of decarbonization expertise gathered by 8 Rivers, achieving an impressive carbon capture rate of over 99%, a new standard in cost-effective and scalable carbon capture.

Contrasting with conventional carbon capture technologies that cap at 90-96% capture rate, the 8RH2 oxy-combustion process virtually eradicates all direct CO2 emissions. It employs a novel process involving natural gas and pure oxygen. The CO2 generated during combustion acts as a heat transfer medium in a proprietary reformer, negating the need for costly amine or cryogenic-based CO2 separation methods commonly used in traditional hydrogen production.

The ultra-low carbon hydrogen generated via the 8RH2 technology can be transformed into ultra-low carbon ammonia. Owing to its widespread distribution network and simple bulk storage, ammonia emerges as a dynamic solution for decarbonized fertilizers, zero-carbon maritime fuels, and as a substitute for coal in existing power infrastructure. Furthermore, ammonia can be conveniently “cracked” back into hydrogen at the point of use, making it a portable low-carbon source of hydrogen. This innovative, cost-efficient, and scalable solution could potentially fast-track the global shift towards a net-zero economy.

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