ACUA Ocean and AltaSea to Accelerate Blue Economy With Zero-Emission Vessel Demo at LA Port

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Fuel Cells Works, ACUA Ocean and AltaSea to Accelerate Blue Economy With Zero-Emission Vessel Demo at LA Port

USV developer ACUA Ocean and AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding ahead of ACUA’s US launch later this year.

The MOU focuses on strategic partnership and collaboration opportunities to promote the rapidly growing blue economy sector. In addition to commercial opportunities, ACUA also plans to demonstrate its zero-emission hydrogen-powered autonomous surface vessel from the Port of Los Angeles.

ACUA Ocean’s long-endurance USV is seeking to deliver increased surveying, protection, and data collection capabilities to critical national offshore infrastructure providers such as offshore wind farms, subsea data cables, and pipelines alongside fisheries protection and marine biodiversity monitoring.

Designed as a SWATH vessel for increased stability and reliability, the ACUA USV will deliver 40-60 day missions with increased power for commercial and environmental payloads, real-time AI edge-based processing of mission data as well as satellite comms for-over-the horizon command and control, and data transfer.

ACUA selected Los Angeles for its long-endurance USV technology due to its lead in hydrogen technology, access to offshore projects, and rapidly growing oceantech ecosystem. At the heart of the Los Angeles ocean technology cluster, AltaSea is dedicated to accelerating scientific collaboration, through the oceanic fields of Regenerative Aquaculture, Renewable Energy, and Blue Technology & Underwater Robotics.

Neil Tinmouth, CEO of ACUA Ocean commented, “The US represents not only the world’s largest markets for uncrewed surface vessels but access to world-class technology partners and talent. As part of the AltaSea ecosystem we intend to accelerate maritime decarbonization, and unlock further investment in the offshore energy sector.”

ACUA Ocean and AltaSea are also signatories to a campaign for the introduction of a California Legislature Sustainable Blue Economy Caucus, specifically to focus on “the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystems.”

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Commenting on the partnership Terry Tamminen, President and CEO of AltaSea said, “AltaSea is proud to partner with ACUA Ocean where together we are making strides toward developing a green hydrogen infrastructure to replace diesel as the primary fuel for sea and land. Our collective goal is to create a zero emission maritime economy to enable the sustainable economic development and environmental protection of our oceans, waterways and land and air, while creating new jobs, advancing equity and tackling some of the most pressing environmental challenges.”


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