AFC Energy Signs Exclusive Distribution Pact for Hydrogen Generators in Saudi Arabia

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AFC Energy Signs Exclusive Distribution Pact for Hydrogen Generators in Saudi Arabia

Surrey, England — AFC Energy PLC announced on Monday an exclusive distribution deal with Saudi Arabian firm Tamgo to distribute its hydrogen-based ‘H-Power’ generators. Tamgo will market, sell, or lease the zero-emission energy systems across industrial and off-grid sectors in Saudi Arabia and an additional 16 countries, including the UAE and Qatar.

“We’re thrilled that Tamgo will be the face of our H-Power generator platforms in Saudi Arabia and neighboring regions, especially when the demand for sustainable, temporary power solutions is on the rise,” stated AFC Energy CEO Adam Bond. He added that the partnership “amplifies our shared ambition to be the dominant player in the hydrogen fuel cell generator market in the Saudi and MENA areas.”

Tamgo, officially known as Machinery Group LLC and based in Jeddah, is a recognized supplier to several large and “mega” infrastructure and mining projects in Saudi Arabia. Its parent company, Zahid Group, brings manufacturing capabilities to the table, including contributions to Renault SA’s Renault brand trucks.

The deal entitles Tamgo to exclusive dealership rights for AFC’s range of fuel cell technologies, which feature name-plated generators with capacities ranging from 10 to 200 kilowatts. As part of the agreement, Tamgo will also offer on-the-ground maintenance and support services.

AFC Energy pointed out that this new deal with Tamgo replaces and enhances a prior memorandum of understanding signed in April 2021 with Altaaqa Alternative Solutions, another Zahid Group subsidiary. The previous MOU aimed at establishing an exclusive dealership for AFC’s fuel cell systems in the Saudi and MENA markets.

Tamgo CEO Rami Elayan expressed excitement about the new agreement: “This pivotal moment builds on the collaborative groundwork laid with AFC Energy back in 2021. The deal will significantly boost Tamgo’s capacity to offer eco-friendly electrical solutions to our client base.”

“With this in place, both parties are confident that a significant footprint will be established for hydrogen fuel cell generators in the Saudi Arabian and broader regional markets,” Elayan added.



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