Agfa Launches Its High Performance ZIRFON UTP 220 Membrane For The Production Of Green Hydrogen

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May 7, 2021 |

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With the launch of its new high-performance ZIRFON UTP 220 membrane for advanced alkaline electrolysis, Agfa contributes once more to lower the cost of green hydrogen production.

The new ZIRFON UTP 220 has excellent durability and its low resistivity allows for the highest yield of hydrogen production, setting yet another standard for advanced alkaline electrolysis.

ZIRFON UTP 220 adds to the existing UTP 500+ and UTP 500 membranes in Agfa’s portfolio. As recently revealed in a report by the Fraunhofer Institute, their use makes Alkaline ElectroLysis (AEL) the most efficient technology for the production of hydrogen.

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