Air Liquide Opens Hydrogen Station in Nagoya Nakagawa, Japan

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Air Liquide nagoya nakagawa Station

On July 9, Air Liquide Japan has opened a hydrogen station in Nagoya Nakagawa. This is in alignment with the initiatives in the Chubu region to create a hydrogen society using hydrogen as energy in daily lives and for industrial purposes.

It is also a part of the government plan which aims to have 200,000 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) on the roads and 320 stations by 2025.

The station is located in the Aichi Prefecture, an area which has one of the largest numbers of hydrogen vehicles and stations (1,136 and 26 —now including the latter— respectively, as of May, 2020), along with Tokyo. The area also hosts the Japanese automobile industry, and the number of vehicles is expected to increase rapidly in the future, which justifies increasing the number of stations in this region for a better customer experience. Air Liquide sees growing demand in the area, and has very recently opened its Kasugai Katsugawai hydrogen station on May 18. The station has also been conceived with expandability in mind, so that it can refuel commercial vehicles, such as taxis, buses and trucks in the future.

The Nagoya Nakagawa station has been created as a joint project between Air Liquide Japan and Japan H2 Mobility, LLC (JHyM). It will be the sixth station jointly operated by these two companies, and the fifth in the Aichi Prefecture. The station is contributing to an improved experience for customers and the Nagoya area residents thanks to a convenient location close to National Route 1, and being opened on weekends as well. Another station is expected to be opened in Midori-ku —also located within the Aichi prefecture— as a joint project with JHyM, before the end of the year.

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