Altergy Initiates Rapid Response Program to Speed Deployment of Clean, Backup Power Fuel Cell Systems in Anticipation of Public Safety Power Shutdowns

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February 12, 2020 |

Altergy Fuel Cell Solutions

FOLSOM, Calif.Altergy Systems announced today a new Rapid Response Program to facilitate and speed the deployment of its clean, backup power fuel cell systems to customers facing future wildfire season power shutdowns.

California utilities recently instituted Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) with the objective of reducing the risk of wildfires and improving public safety. As such, residences and businesses can expect additional and prolonged power outages (blackouts) in the future, in addition to the nearly 50,000 blackouts affecting nearly 50 million customers since 2017.

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The effects of these outages were wide-sweeping, eliminating vital services, communications, transportation while causing safety issues and reducing general living conditions. These blackouts have been declared a ‘new way of life” in California and elsewhere for the next decade or longer.

As a result, businesses and homeowners are turning to backup power solutions to safeguard their operations, well-being, safety, and standard of living. Altergy’s Rapid Deployment program shortens the overall lead-time to acquire its Freedom Power Systems, assists customers with planning, permitting, deployment, fueling, and operation of such systems while offering an environmentally friendly, clean, quiet and more reliable alternative to generators and other backup power sources.

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