ARENA Funds Hysata With AUD $20.9m for Groundbreaking Electrolysis Technology Trial

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ARENA Funds Hysata With AUD 20.9m for Groundbreaking Electrolysis Technology Trial

In a substantial boost to Australia’s hydrogen industry, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is funding Wollongong-based startup Hysata with AUD $20.9 million.The backing will enable the demonstration of Hysata’s next-generation hydrogen electrolyser technology on a commercial scale.The Project: Taking Efficiency to New Heights

ARENA Funds Hysata With AUD 20.9m for Groundbreaking Electrolysis Technology TrialHysata’s plan includes the development and testing of a 5 MW unit at their newly established manufacturing facility in Port Kembla, followed by installation in situ for further testing and validation. Ultimately, the electrolyser array will be moved to Queensland.

The Queensland government-owned power company, Stanwell Corporation, is also supporting this project with $3 million, alongside site and facilities for the electrolyser’s field deployment.

The electrolyser will be positioned near the Stanwell Power Station close to Rockhampton, Queensland, a location equipped with available land, water, and grid connection capacity.

The Technology: A Revolution in Electrolysis

Hysata’s proprietary ‘capillary fed’ electrolyser cell sets a new standard by almost completely eliminating resistance in the electrolysis process. In contrast to existing electrolysers that suffer energy losses from electrical resistance and gaseous bubbles, Hysata’s technology can produce hydrogen with a remarkable 95% efficiency.

This efficiency level, translating to 41.5 kWh/kg, far exceeds traditional technologies that operate at around 75%. Such a breakthrough could significantly reduce the cost of renewable hydrogen production by diminishing electricity inputs and balance of plant costs.

Future Prospects: Towards Commercial Viability

If implemented at scale, the reduced costs could play a vital role in lowering the levelized cost of hydrogen, turning renewable hydrogen into a commercially feasible energy resource.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller emphasized the importance of the project, stating, “Hysata is a great example of Australian innovation leading the way in renewable energy. This electrolyser technology could be a game-changer for renewable hydrogen.”

Hysata CEO Paul Barrett expressed pride in the partnership with ARENA and Stanwell, outlining Hysata’s commitment to “accelerate the world’s transition to net zero emissions.”

Stanwell CEO Michael O’Rourke also shared excitement about facilitating the commercialization of this innovative Australian-made technology, highlighting the potential to utilize high-efficiency technology in large-scale hydrogen projects.

A Strategic Collaboration

With previous support from ARENA, Hysata is also working on a 200 kW electrolyser system, aiming to demonstrate the crucial components of the 5 MW commercial scale unit.

This new funding solidifies the collaboration among Hysata, ARENA, and Stanwell, paving the way for Hysata’s rapid scaling and potential multi-billion-dollar pipeline of global orders.

The announcement of ARENA’s AUD $20.9 million funding for Hysata’s electrolysis technology trial signifies a bold step forward for Australia’s green hydrogen landscape. By focusing on innovation, efficiency, and collaboration, this project exemplifies a strong commitment to driving renewable energy solutions. The field pilot at Stanwell, due to commence in 2025, marks an exciting phase in the development of renewable hydrogen and emphasizes the role of cutting-edge technology in transforming the energy industry.



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