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First presentation of the innovative H2 sensor solution to a wide audience.

Rüsselsheim am Main– At “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe” as part of the Hannover Messe (April 22 to 26, 2024), the time has come: gas analysis specialist Archigas from Rüsselsheim will be presenting its new measurement technology for particularly fast, precise, stable and even moisture-independent H2 detection to the general public for the first time. Interested visitors to booth C16 in hall 13 will be able to get a detailed picture of this innovation, which has already been described as “revolutionary” by scientists and early adopters. In collaboration with RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (HSRM), the company has implemented the highly reliable thermal conductivity measurement principle in a new technical way and combined it with semiconductor technology to create the multi-talented microsensor. Archigas immediately made it onto the podium of the “Hessen Champions 2023” with its solution. Now the sensor system is demonstrating its advantages live to the audience on site in Hanover.

It is literally a key parameter for the increased development of hydrogen desired by science, industry and politics: gas analysis based on predestined sensors. After all, it is absolutely essential in H2 production and along the entire supply chain – for example, to permanently check the concentration and purity of the hydrogen or the tightness of the systems, to ensure operational safety and to create the necessary trust in the technology. The innovative sensor solutions from Archigas can now make a valuable contribution to hydrogen analysis.

Archigas Sensor ProductFast, precise, stable, small and moisture-resistant

To this end, the company has implemented the highly reliable thermal conductivity measurement principle in a technically new way over many years of joint development work with HSRM and combined it with semiconductor technology. In addition to extraordinary measuring precision and stability as well as an extremely compact design of the microsensors for easy implementation, their high degree of innovation is exemplified by their reaction speed and moisture resistance. Take speed, for example: as hydrogen is known to be highly reactive, it should be detected in near real time throughout the entire process chain of production, transportation, storage and use. This is because even the smallest leaks can be associated with a high risk of explosion.

The purity of the hydrogen must also be determined quickly in order to avoid economic damage. At less than 30 milliseconds, the new sensor from Archigas has a particularly high response speed. This advantage is achieved thanks to the specific orchestration of signal processing and the reaction of various elements of the sensor. The second example is moisture resistance: water can occur at various points in the H2 process chain and has always been a major problem for the industry. If condensate comes into contact with sensors for gas analysis, this usually leads to their immediate destruction. This not only results in safety gaps, but also high costs. The sensor technology from Archigas is particularly effective at minimizing contact with condensate. This is made possible by the special design of the measuring module, which prevents condensate from coming into contact with the sensors. Thanks to these and other impressive features, Archigas’ microsensors ultimately have the potential to make a particularly valuable contribution to the further development of hydrogen.

“It’s best to see for yourself on site in Hanover”

From the first announcement last spring, the innovative H2 gas analysis system from Archigas has met with a great response: companies from all over the world – including numerous well-known major corporations – immediately expressed a high level of interest. The young company also landed on the podium of the renowned “Hessen Champions 2023” with its new sensor solution straight away. “We are now presenting our products live to the general public for the first time at the state of Hesse’s stand at Hannover Messe 2024,” say Archigas founders Illya Kaufman and Wladimir Barskyi. “We would like to give interested visitors the opportunity to see the speed, precision, stability and even moisture resistance of our measurement technology for themselves through personal discussions and regular demonstrations. We are looking forward to it!”

So visit Archigas at booth C16 at the special presentation “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE” in hall 13 of the Hannover Messe from April 22 to 26, 2024. If you want to be even faster, you can get more technical information by e-mail at [email protected], by phone at +49 (0)69 247 544 980 (Mr. Illya Kaufman) and at

Archigas is highly specialised in microsensor technology (MEMS) and gas analysis. Since its foundation in 2020, the company has developed sensor solutions, particularly in the fields of thermal conductivity, pressure measurement and flow measurement. Archigas’s stated aim is to offer customers cost-effective plug and play solutions that reliably fulfil highly complex analysis tasks. Since 2022 the company has also been funded by the state of Hesse as part of its LOEWE programme (‘State Offensive for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence’). This is to support work on the development of measuring devices suitable for the exploration of natural hydrogen and helium deposits. In 2023, Archigas achieved a podium place in the prestigious “Hessen Champions” award. Despite international bids from the USA and elsewhere, Archigas GmbH decided to establish its headquarters in the Rhein-Main region, in order to help bolster the state of Hesse, and therefore Germany as a whole, as a location for business.



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