Atrex Energy Successfully Demonstrated 1.5KW JP-8 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Power Source to DOD

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Altrex SOFC

WALPOLE, Mass. – Atrex Energy has successfully demonstrated advanced Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Power Source for DoD use.  Atrex’ commercial SOFC generator was operated on desulfurized JP-8 fuel at 1500W and net DC efficiencies of ~ 40% (fuel LHV to electricity).

The Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), US Army Engineering and Research Development Center (ERDC), US Army Communications Electronics Research Development Center (CERDEC), US Army Research Lab (ARL), and the US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) attended this demonstration.

A new reforming technology for liquid logistic fuels has been developed at Atrex Energy, whereby an integral reformer is intimately connected to each tubular fuel cell in such a way that waste heat generated in the cell is readily used by the reformer and vice versa. “The rapid heat transfer maintains almost isothermal conditions in the reformer. This enables sub-stoichiometric oxygen-to-carbon (O/C) ratio in the fuel reforming stage since the exothermicity of the reaction is less important. By the integration of any reforming process directly with the operation of the fuel cell, a new paradigm is achieved, resulting in efficient power production” said Dr. Praveen Cheekatamarla, Director of Research and Product Development.

Atrex Energy has been developing SOFCs for defense applications for >8 years and has demonstrated innovative technology for high efficiency, high power density and reliability. As a commercial supplier, Atrex Energy has delivered more than 650 fuel cell systems in varied remote power markets utilizing well head natural gas or LPG as fuels, collectively accumulating >6 million hours of operational life time.

Atrex Energy has proven its unique position to bring these innovations to the DoD’s 500W to 3kW SOFC Power Source requirements, using JP-8, Propane, diesel, and other hydrocarbons. Specifically, we aim to continue development of 500W to 3kW prototypes as fuel flexible, light weight, hybrid configurations designed to meet the efficiency and ruggedized needs of DoD.

“This demonstration proved that Atrex Energy’s technology can operate as an efficient power source using JP-8” said Roland Dixon, Atrex Business Development Director. “This breakthrough SOFC technology will advance DoD light weight fuel flexible needs in the power ranges of 500W to 3kW, using all available hydrocarbon fuels such as desulfurized JP-8, F24, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biogas, Syngas, Butane and Hydrogen. It is now possible to reduce the weight of our warfighters needing to carry more batteries thereby providing a rapid recharge capability at the individual soldier/marine/airman level.”

About Atrex Energy

Atrex Energy provides a variety of power generation products based on a unique tubular solid oxide fuel cell technology which operates on conventional natural gas and propane at high efficiency. No hydrogen is required. The Atrex Energy systems provide clients with money-saving, smart and reliable solutions for power needs. The Company expects to double its workforce in the coming years as sales grow. Atrex Energy is located at 19 Walpole Park South in Walpole, MA 02081. More information can be found at .

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