GHD Welcomes National Strategy to Support a Thriving Hydrogen Industry

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Global professional services company, GHD, has welcomed the release of Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy, which sets a path to build a clean, innovative and competitive hydrogen industry that positions Australia as a major global player by 2030.

Richard Fechner, Global Leader – GHD Advisory, says the release of the National Hydrogen Strategy comes at an important time in a global energy transition. “The global energy sector is transforming – we are experiencing unprecedented momentum to rapidly decarbonise our energy-intensive sectors. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of key champions such as Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, it is now widely understood that hydrogen could play a significant role in enabling a cleaner energy future,” said Richard.

“The hydrogen opportunity is founded on its beneficial and unique qualities; it is a highly efficient carbon-free energy carrier that produces no CO2 or any other greenhouse gas when used. It is transportable, storable, and can be produced from renewable resources such as solar and wind – which Australia has in abundance.

“The race to harness the potential of hydrogen is on with Australia ideally placed to maximise our natural resources and available land, as well as our proximity to rapidly growing hydrogen markets such as Japan, South Korea and China.

“Governments all over the world are gearing up to respond to the promise of hydrogen to stabilise energy systems and as a transport fuel.”

Today’s much-anticipated strategy release is the result of comprehensive and inclusive policy development which commenced in March 2019. The National Hydrogen Taskforce, led by the Australian Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, designed a process that incorporated a number of opportunities for public input.

GHD contributed to the National Hydrogen Strategy through a detailed response to the National Hydrogen Strategy Issues papers, including international perspectives from its teams in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. The company was also invited to participate in a Hydrogen Taskforce-hosted Industry Workshop in September which helped shape the framework for the final strategy.

“GHD is proud to be at the forefront of real-time hydrogen project developments and policy discussions globally – we’re not just passionate about enabling a hydrogen industry, we are directly involved in it,” said Richard.

In Australia, GHD is working with clients on a vast range of hydrogen-related projects across Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and NSW, as well as working on the most advanced hydrogen energy supply chain project in Australia, located in Victoria.

“We believe the continuation of close collaboration between governments, industry, researchers and communities in the coming year will be vital to Australia realising the potential of hydrogen. We’re very excited to be working with our clients, their communities and the broader industry to help foster this potential.”

To read more about GHD’s hydrogen experience, visit:

Click here to view GHD’s response to the National Hydrogen Strategy issues papers which included global perspectives from teams in Australia, Canada and the UK.

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