Australian Hydrogen Generation Set to Soar with the New Move

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Amtronics Hydrogen Division

Sydney-based Amtronics today (MON 15 JUN) announced a new division – Australian Hydrogen Generation – which will provide a boost to the country’s fledgling hydrogen industry.

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, has hailed green hydrogen as ‘shipping sunshine’ and this new division will provide all equipment from generation and purification to compression, storage, installation, and maintenance.

Discussions are being held around the need for major hydrogen generation investment in Australia and New Zealand. Leveraging off Australia’s position to exploit a niche in the market, Amtronics are moving forward to start building bigger H2 generating plants for Australian companies as a green solution.

Australia’s Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, has said the Green Hydrogen industry will be a $10 billion per year market within the next 20-30 years. Japan and Korea are already poised to unleash more than one million hydrogen cars in 2021, requiring vast amounts of Green Hydrogen.

Sebastian Ruis is the owner and chief engineer of Amtronics. He explained that the company is head and shoulders above its competitors, with unrivaled experience and success with producing hydrogen on an industrial scale in Australia.

“Since 2013, our plants have produced nitrogen and hydrogen on an industrial scale,” he said. “This complex combination has given us crucial on-site experience in demanding difficult 24/7 supply. These plants are critical infrastructure to keeping our core business of laser cutting factories running.

“We have learned some hard lessons about the complexity of producing a constant reliable supply of nitrogen and Hydrogen generation, and we have sourced an excellent OEM, ErreDue, who has over 30 years’ experience in providing extremely reliable equipment”

Amtronics’ projects have led to running six plants between Australian and New Zealand with hydrogen and nitrogen onsite generation, as well as compression and storage.

Mr Ruis said “No one appears to have the same level of experience or success with producing hydrogen on an industrial scale. Amtronics/Australian Hydrogen Generation are here to provide this expertise and have seven solid years of problem-free Hydrogen production.”

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