Babcock & Wilcox BrightGen Hydrogen Combustion Technology Provides Zero-Carbon Energy Generation

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fuel cells works, Babcock & Wilcox BrightGen Hydrogen Combustion Technology Provides Zero-Carbon Energy Generation

AKRON, Ohio– Babcock & Wilcox (“B&W”) (NYSE: BW), a leading innovator in technologies to combat climate change, is providing its BrightGen™ technology to customers seeking a powerful hydrogen combustion solution for utility and industrial applications where efficient, zero-carbon dioxide (CO2)-emissions energy generation is a goal. B&W’s BrightGen hydrogen combustion solution is currently in operation at multiple refineries and industrial facilities around the world.

B&W’s highly reliable utility, industrial and FM package boilers can be manufactured or retrofitted with BrightGen technology to safely burn hydrogen for virtually any need, including power, heating and steam generation, and for industrial applications such as refineries and petrochemical facilities.

“Our BrightGen hydrogen combustion system is helping customers reduce their greenhouse gas footprints and produce clean energy today,” said Kenneth Young, B&W Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “There’s no time to waste in the battle against climate change, and B&W’s ClimateBrightTM suite of decarbonization technologies can help win that battle and protect our environment for future generations.”

B&W’s ClimateBright™ suite of technologies can capture CO2 and includes the ability to produce hydrogen. These technologies have application for a wide range of industries including energy production, biomass energy, waste-to-energy, food manufacturing, steel, cement, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, carbon black, and pulp and paper.

B&W’s ClimateBrightTM solutions include:

  • BrightLoopTM technology to produce hydrogen, steam or syngas from a variety of fuels or feedstocks while isolating CO2 for capture or other industrial purposes
  • SolveBrightTM regenerable solvent technology for carbon capture processes
  • OxyBrightTM combustion process ideal for CO2 isolation and sequestration applications
  • BrightGenTM hydrogen combustion technology

ClimateBright technologies work with a vast array of feedstock, including natural gas, biomass, petroleum coke, coal, municipal solid waste and syngas for both new and retrofit applications

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