Bay Area Filipino Food Manufacturer Embraces Blooming Green Technology

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ramar foods Bloom Energy Fuel Cell Servers
  • Ramar Foods and Bloom Energy Install-Upgrade in Mutual Goal to Make the World a Greener Place

PITTSBURG, CA — Ramar Foods, America’s #1 Filipino Food company, has reached its milestone 50th-year anniversary in 2019. The company’s sixth decade has the third-generation owners energized about maintaining their signature flavors while powering it all with the latest fuel cells from Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE).

In a partnership that began in 2011, Ramar Foods had been utilizing Bloom Energy Servers to provide primary power to one of its manufacturing plants. This past July, Bloom delivered its latest-generation fuel cell technology, providing the same 200 kilowatts of clean power to Ramar’s facilities while improving efficiency and operating costs. Fuel cells take natural gas and generate clean energy without combustion, leading to higher energy output with fewer emissions. The new and improved servers will help Ramar maintain its commitment to the environment while investing any savings back into its people.

Since 2013, Ramar Foods has prevented nearly one million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions with the help of Bloom Energy. With the new upgraded system, Ramar Foods is expected to decrease its carbon footprint from energy use by an additional 12%. With the new, upgraded Bloom Servers, Ramar Foods is now expected to offset 330,000 lbs of CO2 annually, the equivalent of planting 2,475 trees each year. Bloom’s upgraded servers also use 40% less space than the prior model, while providing the same clean energy Ramar relies on to make its products.

California is known for its historical cases of drought and Ramar Foods is consciously taking an active role in conserving water as the new upgraded energy servers consume virtually no water in normal operation. With nearly a dozen brands of different Filipino and Asian frozen foods, from lumpia to longganisa sausages to their signature Ube ice cream under their umbrella, it has always been Ramar Foods’ intent that they keep putting out the best products that they can for consumers, all while taking responsibility for their impact on the environment.

“In continuation of our long legacy of making our products as cleanly as we can, we are thrilled to be working with Bloom Energy again on the upgrade of our energy servers,” said PJ Quesada, VP of Operations in Ramar Foods. “In today’s world, clean energy is not only a smart investment but truly necessary for the next generation. Everything is for the future.”

All these savings that are being made from the energy servers are then allocated towards a better focus for the company, such as product quality and producing more innovative flavors. Ramar Foods pride itself as a great place to work and these investments allow them to invest themselves back into their own company, their own employees and, of course, to the greater communities that are reached through their products.

Ramar Foods is a third-generation, family-operated company, constantly balancing new opportunities with careful stewardship of their employees, customers, and the environment in honor of what previous generations have built. With such a strong commitment, Ramar is paving the way for future generations of Filipino communities and businesses to strengthen their green efforts while making their ancestors proud.

Ramar Foods adopts the practice of “Walang Sayang,” a Filipino phrase that translates to “no waste,” and working together with Bloom Energy brings them a long way toward that goal, while still passionately putting out the Filipino frozen food products that people love.

​About Ramar Foods

​Founded in 1969, Ramar’s goal is to bring the flavors of the Philippines to your household. Ramar Foods is committed to manufacturing your favorite frozen Filipino food products. Ramar’s success for 50 years of experience in the industry is attributed to its people, its deep relationship with the Filipino diaspora and a commitment to understanding what brings satisfaction to Filipino families.

During their first years, they started with a vision of being the premier Filipino food company that will bring nostalgia to Filipino households and, at the same time, give a snapshot of the Filipino experience to non-Filipinos all over the world. Today, we have grown to be America’s #1 Filipino Food company serving communities across North America and beyond.

Continuously being family owned and operated, they commit to nourishing our community through its legacy of family food products.

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