Belgian Hydrogen Council – Policy Recommendations for the 2024-2029 Legislature

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In the beginning of 2023 regional cluster organizations WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed joined forces on hydrogen by launching the Belgian Hydrogen Council (BHC). One of the goals of the BHC is to transcend the various political levels in our country by advising policymakers on the rollout of their regional and federal hydrogen strategies. In this light and given the upcoming elections in 2024, the BHC has now drafted a memorandum with six key policy recommendations for our future governments.

WaterstofNet and Tweed had both been coordinating their regional hydrogen clusters in Flanders and Wallonia respectively for several years when they launched the BHC in the beginning of this year. The goal of the Belgian Hydrogen Council is to take on important tasks such as the promotion of the Belgian hydrogen industry at home and abroad, as well as advise policymakers on the rollout of their regional and federal hydrogen strategies.

Five thematic working groups or ‘Tasks’ have been set up to reach these goals. Task 1, that works on policy and certification, has put a lot of effort during summer in writing this memorandum. The document is now finished and intends to define the six key actions on hydrogen our future governments should implement in the next legislature:

  1. Ensure sufficient and competitive funding/support for clean hydrogen
  2. Develop a fully-fledged open access hydrogen infrastructure
  3. Create a liquid market for clean hydrogen
  4. Unlock the hydrogen decarbonisation potential in the transport sector
  5. Stimulate hydrogen research & development
  6. Organise training, education and awareness on hydrogen

You can find our memorandum here as well as an executive summary here. In the coming weeks and months, the BHC will set up meetings with political parties and administrations to discuss the document.



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