Berlin Police: On Patrol with the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Toyota Mirai

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  • Berlin police buy two fuel cell Mirai’s for use on patrols

Cologne– This is unique in Germany: With the Toyota Mirai (combined hydrogen consumption 0.76 kg / 100 km; combined electricity consumption 0 kWh / 100 km; combined CO2 emissions 0 g / km), the Berlin police are buying two standard fuel cell vehicles for daily use in patrol duty. 

The two fuel cell cars are now expanding the fleet of the Berlin police. The two vehicles have now been handed over by in Berlin.

With the characteristic police blue stickers, the Toyota Mirai is immediately recognizable as a patrol car. Blue lights in the typical roof beam system, siren and radio pre-installation are other features that are ideal for use in the area. In the future, the four-door sedan will be used in particular for regular inspection trips, and the alternative-powered model will also be available to officials for transport and transportation.

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On the infrastructure side, with five hydrogen filling stations in the city area, Berlin is ideally equipped for the use of hydrogen-powered production vehicles from Toyota. For this reason, the Berlin Sustainable Development Program (BENE) also supports the purchase of the two Toyota Mirai. The aim of the program, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is to sustainably and profitably support the reduction of CO2 emissions in commercial and public areas in order to reconcile economic growth and resource conservation. An environmentally friendly infrastructure should accelerate the ecological structural change and improve the quality of life and the environment in Berlin. In the ” Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050“The Japanese automaker has set similar, long-term goals to reduce CO2 emissions from its vehicles and factories. Driving fuel cell technology is part of this corporate vision.

The Toyota Mirai combines an environmentally friendly drive with high suitability for everyday use. The Toyota Mirai’s two hydrogen tanks enable ranges of over 500 kilometers per tank to be filled, even during the cold season – the fuel cell limousine can even handle long distances without any problems. Especially since the refueling with three to five minutes does not take much longer than with conventionally powered vehicles. The fuel cell drive is responsible, which converts hydrogen into electrical energy and thus drives a 113 kW / 154 hp electric motor. (Fuel consumption hydrogen combined 0.76 kg / 100 km; electricity consumption combined 0 kWh / 100 km; CO2 emissions combined 0 g / km) The only emission is water vapor.



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