Blue World Technologies Presents Chief Scientific Officer With a Unique Background

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Fuel cells works, Blue World Technologies Presents Chief Scientific Officer With a Unique Background

Following Blue World Technologies’ acquisition of Danish Power Systems, the former CEO and Co-founder, Hans Aage Hjuler, continues as Chief Scientific Officer at Blue World Technologies.

With his extensive knowledge and experience, Blue World Technologies is strengthening its position as one of the world’s leading companies within HT-PEM fuel cell technology.

As Co-founder of Danish Power Systems, Hans Aage Hjuler is one of the first scientists to start research and development activities within HT-PEM technology (high-temperature proton-exchange membrane). His interest in fuel cell technology started back in the early 80s when he did his master’s degree in chemistry followed by a PhD degree in advanced battery technology from the Technical University of Denmark. In 1988 he formed a significant research group within fuel cell research and development.

High performance and long lifetime

In Hans Aage Hjuler’s time as CEO for Danish Power Systems, he and his team have attracted attention on the world stage within science with remarkable high-performance results and a focus on a long product lifetime. The effort within product lifetime has led to achieving record-breaking results regarding the degradation rate of HT-PEM fuel cells. Together with an outstanding performance, these great results have paved the way for making the HT PEM fuel cell technology competitive and thereby creating the foundation for the commercialisation that Blue World Technologies is aiming for.

“Hans Aage has a unique experience and the achievements he and his team at Danish Power Systems have reached over the years are greatly recognised within the fuel cell industry. We are therefore very pleased that Hans Aage, with his extensive knowledge of HT-PEM fuel cells, has entered the role as Chief Scientific Officer and together we will continue to set Blue World Technologies at the forefront within the fuel cell technology”, says Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blue World Technologies, Anders Korsgaard.

Highly recognised scientists with extensive fuel cell knowledge

Since Hans Aage Hjuler finished his PhD degree in 1983, he has been part of more than 200 reports, papers, patens, and proceedings. More specifically, he has been part of publishing more than 50 papers in peer reviewed journals. During his career, Hans Aage Hjuler has contributed to research and development projects, along with several of his colleagues at Danish Power Systems, together with some of the leading universities and institutes in the world.

“For the past years I have had a very close collaboration with the Blue World team, and I’m very pleased to be continuing the journey towards commercialising the methanol fuel cell technology together. As Blue World acquired 15% of Danish Power Systems back in 2019, and the remaining 85% in December 2020, this transition of becoming Chief Scientific Officer seems natural as we can continue working together on scientific activities within HT-PEM fuel cells” explains Hans Aage Hjuler, Chief Scientific Officer at Blue World Technologies.

Besides Hans Aage Hjuler’s role as Chief Scientific Officer at Blue World Technologies he is also active within the educational and scientific society (selected list of current engagements):

  • Board member of DI Energi (Confederation of Danish Industry – Energy Industry Group).
  • Member of PhD evaluation committees, DTU, University of Copenhagen, KTH (Stockholm) and NTNU, Norway.
  • Founding member and chairman, The National Danish Center for Energy Storage (DaCES).
  • Advisor for international organisations and institutes.
  • Member of The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).
  • Member of the Board of EMIRI, Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Member, Annex 31, International Energy Agency (IEA) Implementing Agreement on Advanced Fuel Cells.

Blue World Technologies is an ambitious and visionary developer and manufacturer of methanol fuel cell components and systems for stationary/APU applications and the automotive and heavy-duty transportation sectors around the world. The fuel cells act as a green alternative to combustion engines and diesel generators. As a part of the Power-to-X eco-system the methanol fuel cell technology contributes to solving parts of the green transition which cannot be solved by direct electrification and battery technology alone.

The exclusive fuel for Blue World Technologies’ fuel cell systems is methanol – a renewable liquid fuel that simply and cost-effectively can be stored for years and transported around the world while reusing existing infrastructure.

Blue World Technologies is founded on extensive experience from the fuel cell industry and aims towards commercialising the technology through large-scale production. The company is focused on the High-Temperature PEM-technology combined with methanol-reforming. The combination ensures a simple system design with high conversion efficiency and significant benefits including CO2 reduction, fuel cost savings, and zero harmful emissions.

In December 2020 Blue World Technologies closed its most recent investment round of 6.4 mEUR and is aiming at a future Initial Public Offering.

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