BMW Executive Urges UK to Embrace Hydrogen or Risk Falling Behind

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July 3, 2023 |

bmw executive urges uk to embrace hydrogen or risk falling behind

BMW has cautioned that the UK needs to support the development of hydrogen refuelling stations, or it risks losing ground to Europe and Asia in the quest for cleaner vehicles.

Jurgen Guldner, who oversees hydrogen technology at the Munich-based car manufacturer, told the Sunday Times that the UK government must establish a hydrogen strategy and transition the commercial vehicle sector to decarbonisation before extending it to passenger vehicles “if it truly intends to decarbonise.”

Guldner affirmed that BMW could introduce vehicles in the UK if the necessary infrastructure was in place. However, he warned that without hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK, “we will introduce the cars to Japan, Korea, and the rest of Europe, where there is an ongoing development of a refuelling station network.”

The statement from a high-ranking executive at BMW and the manager of the company’s hydrogen programme comes amidst doubts regarding the UK government’s infrastructure development and its strategies for the potential deployment of the technology.


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