BOC to Deliver Green Hydrogen Across South Australia

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BOC to Deliver Green Hydrogen Across South Australia

BOC signs offtake contract with AGIG’s Hydrogen Park South Australia.

Leading gas and engineering company, BOC, a subsidiary of Linde plc, has signed an agreement to take excess green renewable hydrogen from the AGIG Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) located at the Tonsley Innovation District.

BOC will install a compressor to take the hydrogen produced using renewable electricity at HyP SA and transport it via tube trailers to industrial customers across South Australia and Western Australia. BOC’s Whyalla Argon Purification Unit (APU) will also use the HyP SA hydrogen as an energy source to make high purity argon used in industrial processes and welding gases.

By January 2021 this will completely replace the need to transport hydrogen from the BOC Altona facility in Victoria, saving 117,000km in annual driving and 122,000kgs of carbon emissions per year.

AGIG’s plant is Australia’s largest renewable gas project and will provide a 5% hydrogen blend with natural gas for supply to nearby homes and businesses via the existing gas network.

Vesna Olles, Director, Strategy and Business Development, BOC said: “South Australia will now have a local supply of green hydrogen readily available for energy projects, storage, mobility and more. BOC is proud to be partnering with AGIG to support South Australian research groups and businesses which are developing world leading energy solutions.

“The short delivery routes for gas sourced from AGIG’s Hydrogen Park South Australia will significantly reduce costs and open the hydrogen market in South Australia. The reduction in transport emissions also makes this a great move towards our goal of delivering green hydrogen to South Australia.
“Previously hydrogen was transported to South Australia from Victoria. The volumes from HyP SA will also supply Western Australian customers, significantly reducing their transport emissions for hydrogen that was produced using 100% renewable energy.

“We look forward to working with AGIG and exploring future hydrogen opportunities across domestic applications and export opportunities,” concluded Ms Olles.

AGIG’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ben Wilson, said “This initial partnership with BOC is a key enabler to further potential expansion to South Australia and wider industrial markets.

“Tube trailers are a well-established form of hydrogen transport. This new production source at HyP SA demonstrates the wider potential for this fuel and its ability to integrate into existing and future energy networks.”

Mr Wilson said the HyP SA facility reflects widening community recognition of hydrogen’s benefits, and underlines South Australia’s status as a leader in this emerging industry with real potential to deliver jobs and growth for residential, commercial, industrial and export applications. Once operational, more than 700 residences in parts of the Adelaide suburb of Mitchell Park will be the first recipients of the plant’s blended 5% renewable gas.

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