Bolt – Meet Arnold: the Winner of the Hydrogen Toyota Mirai Giveaway

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Fuel Cells Works, Bolt – Meet Arnold: the Winner of the Hydrogen Toyota Mirai Giveaway

This September and October, our drivers in Amsterdam who completed 100 trips had the chance to win a 12-month lease of a Toyota Mirai.

And now we have handed over keys to the lucky winner.

Meet Arnold! 

He is 44 years old, married, has three children and lives in Diemen. In addition to driving with Bolt, he also drives students to and from school daily. He enjoys playing padel and chess, and reads a lot in his spare time.

His big dream? Open his own padel club!

Hi Arnold! Why do you like riding with Bolt?

I think Bolt is a social company that creates a win-win situation through good bonuses for drivers and discounts for customers.

“As a driver, you don’t notice customer discounts (in terms of revenue) because Bolt pays for them. But you do have many happy passengers because the discounts naturally make it very inviting to order a ride.”

How did you start at Bolt?

“I have been a driver for 10 years, so it was very easy for me to start because I already had experience as a driver. I also find the Bolt app easy to use and accessible. So even if you are not tech savvy, it goes without saying.”

What do you like most about riding with Bolt?

“I like the contact with people the most. The distance between customer and driver disappears when you have a chat. Then you notice that the people in the car are also just people who go to work, do the shopping and who have a story to tell.”

You sometimes notice that friendly contact has developed in the 10 minutes they are in your car, and I like that. And then when you have a nice conversation, that’s great and you know you have a satisfied customer.”

What did you think when you got the call that you had won?

“Yes, I loved it! When I first saw the action in the app I was really excited but didn’t think I would ever win. So when I got a call from Noud van Bolt, I immediately knew I had won the hydrogen car! That same evening we went out for dinner with the whole family to celebrate.”

“I’ve had a lot of setbacks in the past year and really hoped to experience something positive. So when I heard this news I was very relieved and especially very happy that I had won.”

What are your next steps now that you have this hydrogen car? 

“My next step is to make a serious plan. As a driver you sometimes run into extra costs. I have driven the most expensive and cheapest cars in my 10 years as a driver. When your costs are low, you will make a profit.”

“Now that I have won this prize, I want to manage my finances optimally and save as much as possible. My dream is to start my own padel club in Amsterdam, so my goal is to take steps to make that financially possible.”

What are your tips for people who want to become a Bolt driver?

“I would recommend it to everyone! I know a lot of people who are struggling financially and I always say that the money is in the street. Driving is an easy way to earn extra money.”

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“For people with money problems or who just need extra income, I always ask: why not get in the car for a few hours a week and earn some extra money?”

Source: Bolt.EU

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