Bonn Climate Project: The Case for Hydrogen

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There is no alternative to using hydrogen for climate protection. Climate change and its ensuing measures require a lot of effort, money, and above all the right solutions. Therefore, a meaningful project, which will be perceived worldwide as a model for complete technological change, is key.

That is what the Bonn Climate Project and the CTC Bonn stand for! We can already see great steps towards a hydrogen economy being taken in Germany. Steps are good, but not enough; we need the implementation of a hydrogen economy now!

  • The world’s problems aggravate. You don’t need to know the answer. But swift action is compulsory & everybody has to contribute!
  • What is the solution? What kind of energy?
  • The first element is: HYDROGEN
  • The universe consists of it, it is the foundation of all being. Consequently, the transmission to a clean energy can be only hydro/water & hydrogen.

“Due to the drastic climate change and its already perceptible consequences which cascade over us daily somewhere in the world, large-scale climate protection combined with development work, is urgently needed and must start immediately, in many poor countries, which are plagued by extreme heat, droughts, water shortages, crop failures, diseases and warfare” Heinz Sturm

Content of the Project

The Bonn Climate Project reflects to the necessity for international joint research and development for the turn-key deployment of complete solutions, pilot plants and the transfer of technologies throughout the world, particularly into emerging and developing countries, in order to find and provide solutions for the global energy-, environmental-, water- food and security problems.

The contents of the Bonn Climate Project are described in different strategy papers, predominately in the “Hydrogen Strategy Paper International” which is:

  • a guide for governments, international organizations, universities and research centers, NGOs and the Business Sector for energy infrastructure building;
  • a socio-political, economic and ecological project in applied climate protection and development work;
  • a technical and operational Guide to building a Hydrogen Economy Worldwide.

The guide is specially designed for our international cooperation partners who are affiliated to ICEPS CTC BONN and therefore can copy the individual points for their own purposes as well as provide comprehensive advice in all matters for the development of a hydrogen economy in their country.

Background of the Project
Bonn Climate Project – the only innovative climate project in the world with a complete technical background for direct use.

ICEPS CTC Bonn has been a member of the “Network of Experts Hydrogen Fuel Cell” since it was founded by the state government in the year 2000 and has been immensely occupied with the development of the “Bonn Climate Project”. Already in 2000, it could be foreseen that only water/hydro (gen) unlike all other sources of energy, can be used for climate protection. Hydrogen based energy supply is much more economical and efficient compared to fossil fuels which are not regenerative and have high CO2 emissions; making them not as cost-effective.

As a Bonn-based entrepreneur who works on international projects, Heinz J. Sturm understands the need to establish a link between the Bonn Climate Project and the UN Climate Change Secretariat in order to develop a holistic approach to using hydrogen for climate change mitigation. This is the only way through which it can be made economically viable and be used to accelerate energy access in developing countries with barely any energy infrastructure.

With this background, he has been actively involved in climate protection issues for years. He advises the UN Climate Change Secretariat and some African and Arab governments from the Climate Technology Center in Bonn. He has been an advocate of holistic approaches for years. It is not the single technology, nor the individual drive that determines the success of hydrogen for climate protection and for clean energy supply, but the “thinking through” of a society and Hydrogen economy.

Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia and Bonn are spreading impulses, especially in climate protection worldwide. The UN Climate Secretariat also sets international standards, known as the Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM). It is obvious that the UN City of Bonn is increasingly operating in the field of climate protection with the CTC Bonn, not only nationally but also internationally, thereby attaining an outstanding position. In addition, the Bonn Climate Project is a multi-faceted climate project that is fully developed and formulated. As described in H2 Strategies it can be displayed on a large scale within a very short time at its Bonn location in conjunction with CTC Bonn, and then replicated worldwide.

Author of the Project

Heinz J. Sturm is the Author of the Bonn Climate Project, Civil Engineer and a renowned expert on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. He is the Founder/Owner of the Bonn, Germany-based International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEPS) and Climate Technology Centre (CTC). Heinz Sturm is officially and regularly advising governments and organizations on hydrogen economy, circular economy, climate change, and clean energy.

Useful Links

A list of the Author’s technical and relevant work and project descriptions for international use can be found on, particular under News.


Heinz J. Sturm

Civil Engineer –Dipl. Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expert and Technician

Founder & CEO of ICEPS CTC Bonn.
Author of the Bonn Climate Project

F: +49 228 92599553 | M: +49 152 56436573
E-Mail: [email protected]

“Only those who have a complete knowledge of the many different opportunities of a holistic concept can also point the way and recommend economical and sustainable overall concepts.” By Heinz J. Sturm

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