Borkum and Ameland to Test Hydrogen Water Taxi

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Ameland–The Wadden islands of Ameland and Borkum are getting a water taxi that will run on hydrogen. The water taxi is part of the H2Watt hydrogen project which began last week.

H2Watt has a budget of 2.2 million euros and is expected to run for two years. A sub project of H2Watt includes the hydrogen water taxi.  The funding sources of this project are FME, an association for technological companies, and MARIKO, a German maritime science organization.

Emission-free island

According to the initiators, the Dutch and German Wadden Island are suitable for the project because their location in the Wadden Sea means that they have ideal conditions for green energy, such as wind, sun and water. The project expects that it is possible for both islands to eventually become emission-free.

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