Bramble Energy Shows Off 1 kW “Big Kahuna” Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

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April 20, 2020 |

Bramble Energy K1000

UK-based Bramble Energy has unveiled a 1 kW hydrogen fuel cell system that Bramble internally code named K1000 or the ‘Big Kahuna’.

With the H20 and K60 systems going through rigorous testing procedures, Bramble Energy are proud to announce that we have been developing a 1 kW fuel cell system.iterations.

K1000 1

Bramble states, “The K1000 has been a natural development from our existing portable power product range and has been primarily customer demand-driven. The first K1000 prototype shown above is set to undergo its first set of lab testing protocols and iteration towards the end of Q1 this year.

Whilst built on the same technological foundations, the Big Kahuna carries a vastly different design vocabulary to the existing product range. The reason for this is simply – robustness. The K1000 unit has been designed for operation across an incredibly diverse range of conditions and environments; it is also designed to be used as a standalone system (such as a diesel generator replacement) or like our other units integrated easily into OEM products.”

K1000“Like our other units, the K1000 is designed to provide a continuous rated power output of 1 kW when supplied with hydrogen and operates in much the same way as the H20 and k60 units.

So if you’re looking for a bigger, beefier portable power fuel cell system, look no further!

With a 1 kW system, the applications are quite literally endless and spans diesel generator replacement for primary or back up power to medium scale battery charging as well as power for large security and lighting systems to name just a few.”

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