Brazil: State Government Formalizes Partnership With Ufc and Private Sector to Install Green Hydrogen Hub in Pecém

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fuelcellsworks, Brazil: State Government Formalizes Partnership With Ufc and Private Sector to Install Green Hydrogen Hub in Pecém

The Government of the State of Ceará, the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and the private sector took the first step in the program to install a green hydrogen hub (distribution pole) at the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP), located 60 km from Fortaleza.

At a ceremony held this Friday morning (19), at the Abolition Palace, representatives of the three bodies signed memoranda of mutual collaboration involving public authorities, academia, industrial entities and companies.

Governor Camilo Santana was present at the meeting; UFC president, Prof. Cândido Albuquerque; the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará (FIEC), Ricardo Cavalcante, and the secretary of Economic Development and Labor, Maia Júnior. Remotely attended the CEO of the Australian company Enegix Energy, Wesley Cook; the director of the International Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands), René van der Plas, as well as state secretaries, researchers and businessmen.

The governor cited the state’s geographical location as strengths of the initiative, having CIPP as one of the Brazilian industrial complexes closest to Europe, and Ceará’s expertise in generating clean and sustainable energies, such as solar and wind power. He stressed yet another advantage: it is the only renewable energy capable of being transported, which would allow the installation of a production plant in Pecém with distribution of clean fuel to the entire world. “I consider this a historic moment for Ceará. The idea is to transform Pecém into a major hydrogen production hub, not only for the economic activities of Ceará and Brazil, but also for exports to Europe and other continents,” he said. . The investment for the plant will be in the order of US $ 5.4 billion,

Prof. Cândido Albuquerque reiterated the historical character of the moment and made UFC researchers and laboratories available to the government, ensuring that the university’s commitment to research is precisely aligned with the search for solutions for society. “It is a moment that has the potential to change the economic profile of the State. Instead of waiting and importing, we will be innovating and undertaking. It is essential. It is very interesting to see this union between public authorities, universities and the private sector,” said the rector.

Memoranda of mutual collaboration involving public authorities academia industrial entities and companies were signed this Friday

Memoranda of mutual collaboration involving public authorities, academia, industrial entities and companies were signed this Friday (Photo: Carlos Gibaja / Government of Ceará)

Ricardo Cavalcante, president of FIEC, said he foresaw, in the near future, Ceará as the world leader in the production of green hydrogen. “We are well located, we are experienced in clean energy, both wind and solar. This makes us unbeatable in the world. Green hydrogen is already a reality, and the entire industrial base of some countries is being changed,” said the organization’s leader.

Representing the state secretariat, Maia Júnior said he was happy to collaborate with the framework of a new initiative for the future of the state economy: “A clean, responsible economy, which will be in line with the future of the environment in Brazil and in the world”. The secretary added that this is a pioneering policy in Latin America, in addition to a courageous step, welcoming the opening of the governor and his work team in the secretariats. “This also requires courage, to break with an economic model, to join the great nations. For the first time, we see here the academy, the industrial sector and the government, completely united, in this commitment to build a new time for the economy do Ceará “, summarized.

On the occasion, a state decree was also signed by Camilo Santana establishing the working group that will start the activities. This group, according to the governor, will be responsible for structuring the green hydrogen production chain in Ceará and will be composed of representatives of the state government, Complexo do Pecém, UFC and FIEC. “This is our lottery, let’s stick to it so that the future children of Ceará can have better opportunities”, concluded Maia Júnior.

GREEN HYDROGEN – Despite being a chemical element abundant in nature, hydrogen is not available in its pure state. When its separation from the other substances in which it is found is made from renewable energies, it is called “green hydrogen”. The separation technology to be used in the new plant will be the chemical process of electrolysis (use of electric currents), from the solar or wind energy generation, resulting in the separation of hydrogen without carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

It is a source of energy that can be mixed with natural gas by up to 20% and use the same gas distribution and distribution structure. Countries like the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany and, mainly, Japan already invest heavily in hydrogen as a fuel.

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