Brødrene Aa Presents the “AERO” a Newly Developed Hydrogen Fast Ferry Concept

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  • AERO – the future of fast ferries
  • Brødrene Aa is proud to present its new aerodynamic fast ferry design: AERO

Brødrene Aa is known for its high-end carbon fibre fast ferries which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40% compared to traditional vessels. With its groundbreaking “Aero”-design, it push efficiency and design even further. The sleek, one deck Aero is estimated to contribute with an additional 10% reduction in energy consumption. Good for the environment, good for the operating costs.



The Aero-design was first presented in Trondheim, 3 September, where Brødrene Aa together with industry partners Westcon, Boreal and Ocean Hyway Cluster introduced a newly developed hydrogen fast ferry concept. The hydrogen concept shows the versatility of the Aero design, as it can be applied to a broad range of vessels.

We believe that future battery and hydrogen-powered fast ferries will require light-weighted structures and highly energy-efficient configurations and design. We are working step by step towards a zero-emission future, building on our proven experience with carbon fibre material, efficient hull designs and battery-powered ferries such as Future of the Fjords.



We believe it is important to create a product that is better in every way. Passenger comfort and the overall travelling experience is, therefore, an important trait of the Aero design concept. We aim to make Aero the preferred choice for the passengers as they experience a well-designed vessel, are travelling with comfort and knowing that they are charging the waters more environmentally friendly than ever before. Though introduced as a concept, the design is ready for application and production.

Though introduced as a concept, the design is ready for application and production.


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