Brunnthal Voluntary Fire Brigade Relies on EFOY Fuel Cell

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Brunnthal Voluntary Fire Brigade Relies on EFOY Fuel Cell
  • Brunnthal Volunteer Fire Brigade uses EFOY Pro fuel cell as on-board power supply in new crew transport vehicle 
  • It is now no longer necessary to run the motor to recharge the batteries.

The Brunnthal Volunteer Fire Brigade is breaking new ground in terms of power supply at its deployment sites – and this with innovative technology from local company SFC Energy.

Fire engines usually have comprehensive technical equipment. The technology operated in and on the vehicle, such as special signalling systems, fire brigade-specific lighting equipment and communication technology, require a safe and continuous 12 V power supply, often not just for a few hours.

Until now, in order to charge the vehicle and auxiliary battery, the vehicle engine had to run for a correspondingly long time and be connected to a charger in the equipment shed. Now a fuel cell made in Brunnthal is to take over this job.

The fire brigade command could convince themselves of the function and the high reliability during a demonstration in the Brunnthal tool shed.

The EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cell with 110 watts is used in the new personnel transport vehicle. It now supplies the two on-board batteries, which in turn supply the entire on-board electronics including the above-mentioned consumers. It is no longer necessary to keep the engine running.

In addition to high reliability, the focus is on exceptional environmental friendliness, according to Thomas Mayer, chairman of the volunteer fire brigade and 2nd mayor of Brunnthal. Using the fuel methanol in combination with oxygen from the ambient air, electricity is generated reliably and almost silently. This is an ingenious technology that cannot and must not be dispensed with in the future, even in the field of public authorities and disaster control, Mayer continued.

This forward-looking investment was financed by generous donations to the fire brigade association.

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