Thursday Throwback Story: CAF Begins the First Tests of Its Hydrogen Train in Zaragoza

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Fuel Cells Works, CAF Begins the First Tests of Its Hydrogen Train in Zaragoza

Static tests have already begun to check all the systems and track tests are expected to arrive next summer.

Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) accelerates the march towards the future. The firm piloted by Javier Martínez Ojinaga revealed yesterday that it has already begun to carry out the first tests of its hydrogen train, the so-called static ones, which will be followed in the summer by the dynamic ones, already on track. A big step in this race towards clean mobility also on the train, in which Beasaindarra has gained leadership positions by coordinating an alliance of European companies and technology centers, within the FCH2Rail project.

The tests, which began a few days ago, are being carried out at CAF’s facilities in Zaragoza, where, based on a Renfe commuter unit (specifically, one of the Civia series), a new electricity generation from the hybridization of energy from hydrogen cells and batteries, integrating in turn with the existing traction system on the train.

CAF and its partners FCH2Rail (DLR, Toyota, Renfe, Adif, CNH2, IP and Faiveley Stemmann Technik) will become one of the first demonstrators of a bi-mode vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell. That is to say, a train without emissions that will be able to circulate in electric mode in infrastructures that are electrified, while the hybrid mode would use it for circulation in sections without catenary.

As of today, the beasaindarra explained, all the equipment that makes up the new hybrid system of hydrogen cells and batteries has already been tested, and its mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration has been carried out in the original Civia unit. One of the key milestones will come after the tightness tests of the hydrogen system, when the first refueling and battery feeding are carried out.

Once this testing phase at CAF Zaragoza has been completed, the unit will be in an optimal state to start dynamic tests on an external road, which is scheduled to start in the summer of this year. CAF recalled that 100% of the hydrogen consumed in these tests will be of renewable origin, called green hydrogen, which will be supplied by Iberdrola. FCH2Rail has a budget of 14 million euros and funding of 10 million from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership project of the European Commission.


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