California Energy Commission Report: Renewable Hydrogen Sector can Reach Price Point Parity with Conventional Fuel By Mid-to-Late 2020s

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A report titled “Final Project Report – Roadmap for the Deployment and Buildout of Renewable Hydrogen Production Plants in California” and prepared by UC Irvine Advanced Power and Energy Program for the California Energy Commission finds that the renewable hydrogen sector could reach price parity with conventional fuel by mid-to late 2020s

The Roadmap reveals key aspects of renewable hydrogen production and delivery chain which are expected to help minimize cost, minimize adverse environmental impacts, capture positive and negative learnings from early projects, guide process improvements, and contribute policy improvements. Further, it gathered data on “as-built” costs to provide a fact base to support investment analysis by value chain participants and incentive program development by state agencies. Maps of potential need for renewable hydrogen fuel in various future scenarios show growth out from major urban centers.

Renewable hydrogen has the potential to play a significant role in the California zero-carbon economy. While transportation, particularly in longer-range and high-fuel-consumption applications, will likely be the primary application area, opportunities for the use of renewable hydrogen exist across the entire economy. With continued State policy and program support, the renewable hydrogen production sector can become self-sustaining within the next decade. This new sector of the economy will not only play a key role in decarbonizing transportation and energy but has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of high-quality, green jobs.

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Source: CAFCP, Reed, Jeffrey, Emily Dailey, Brendan Shaffer, Blake Lane, Robert Flores, Amber Fong, G. Scott Samuelsen (2020) Roadmap for the Deployment and Buildout of Renewable Hydrogen Production Plants in California. CEC. Docket Number: 17-HYD-01



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