Canada: Connecting East to West With Hydrogen Refueling Stations

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Fuel Cells Works, Canada: Connecting East to West with Hydrogen Refueling Stations

SQUAMISH, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — By 2025 the Canadian Hydrogen pathway will replace 280 tons of daily gas/diesel.

Quantum Technology Corp. of BC, Canada, a leader in cryogenic technologies celebrating 41 years in business, has finalized the engineering design for Phase 1 of an ambitious project to supply the main Canadian pathway with green hydrogen for light and heavy transportation.

Fuel Cells Works Canada: Connecting East to West with Hydrogen Refueling StationsThe project includes over 40 refuelling stations strategically situated between Quebec City, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia. The stations will be supplied with liquid hydrogen from initially four hydrogen liquefiers located in several provinces, all powered by green electricity. The total capacity of the green hydrogen supply to be produced in Phase 1 of the project will replace around 2,000 barrels of oil per day (280 tons of daily avoided gas/diesel) by 2025. The capacity will be increased as the transportation infrastructure is developed. The value of the project is estimated at 300MM CAD. Quantum Technology is in active discussions with power and transportation companies to load the plants/distribution network upon start-up.

Green hydrogen can be used in fuel cells as a clean fuel, meaning that the only products are electricity and water (and a small amount of heat). This gives liquified hydrogen the ability to power zero emission vehicles, unlike petrol or diesel.

Hydrogen in its natural gaseous state, takes up a lot of space so transporting from hydrogen production units is not economically viable. Liquefying the hydrogen prior to transporting it, compresses the substance to almost 900 times its natural state, shifting the process to economically and financially viable.

Quantum Technology is currently testing a medium-sized hydrogen liquefier in Squamish, BC. The liquefier has the ability to liquefy up to 1,500 kilograms of hydrogen per day; enough to fuel 1,500 zero-emission hydrogen-powered cars. The system was showcased at a recent hydrogen invitational day that had a spread of attendees from potential investors, hydrogen partners and high profile government representatives.

Quantum Technology is seeking strategic partners, investors and customers to accelerate hydrogen infrastructure across Canada and the US.

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