Canada: New Hydrogen Station Installed in Quebec City

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Quebec Hydrogen Station

Powertech has delivered its new “hydrogen station in a box” to Quebec City. This containerized 700 bar hydrogen fueling station is designed for rapid deployment with minimal site preparation, allowing station owners to quickly and easily provide fueling infrastructure to support new fleets of alternative fuel vehicles.

This Quebec station is the first 700 bar public hydrogen fueling station in Quebec and is the first fully containerized 700 bar hydrogen fueling station in Canada. The station is capable of delivering four consecutive fills of a typical passenger vehicle (average tank capacity is 5 kg of hydrogen), and is sized to fill approximately 20 vehicles per day. Station features include a payment system for credit and debit cards, a single-hose dispenser with touch-screen user interface, and a control system with remote access capability for monitoring the station, managing station faults, and downloading station data.

All components, including storage, compression, cooling and dispensing, are enclosed in a 28-foot containerized package. This single-container concept allows the station owner to easily transport the equipment from site to site as needed. The design also substantially reduces site preparation time and cost, as the station can be dropped at any suitable location and requires just a power supply and a hydrogen source. This design is ideal for temporary installations, and for geographical areas that are just beginning to enter the fuel cell market and need to provide quick, simple and lower-cost solutions.

Powertech’s Hydrogen Stations Department

Powertech has the laboratory facilities and staff experience to design and build turnkey hydrogen fueling stations, with flexible and customizable options for hydrogen supply, storage cylinder type, dispenser type and station size.

Over the past 20 years, Powertech has designed and constructed 17 turnkey, compressed hydrogen fueling stations across North America.

Powertech is also responsible for a number of firsts in the industry, including the world’s first 700 bar hydrogen fast fill station, one of the first retail-style dispensers, and the first hydrogen station capable of fueling four fuel cell vehicles simultaneously.


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