CF Industries Joins Hydrogen Council to Further Commitment to Clean Energy Economy

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DEERFIELD, Ill.–CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF) today announced that it has joined the Hydrogen Council, a global CEO-led initiative that brings together leading companies with a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the clean energy transition. The Company will serve as a Steering Member of the Council.

“CF Industries shares the Hydrogen Council’s vision that hydrogen has an essential role to play in the clean energy transition,” said Tony Will, president and chief executive officer, CF Industries Holdings, Inc. “We believe that low-carbon ammonia is a critical enabler for the storage and transport of clean hydrogen to help meet the world’s energy needs, which is why we have committed to decarbonize the world’s largest ammonia production platform. We look forward to working with Hydrogen Council members to support the acceleration and deployment of hydrogen solutions globally.”

In October 2020, CF Industries announced a significant commitment to play a leading role in a clean energy future by decarbonizing its ammonia production platform. The Company intends to enable the use of clean hydrogen for energy by leveraging its current asset base and technical expertise to produce zero-carbon (green) and low-carbon ammonia. Ammonia, which is composed of three-parts hydrogen and one-part nitrogen, is a highly efficient transport and storage mechanism for hydrogen as well as a fuel in its own right.

In addition to joining the Hydrogen Council, the Company has announced an initial green ammonia project at the company’s flagship Donaldsonville Nitrogen Complex to produce approximately 20,000 tons per year of green ammonia. The Company will install a state-of-the-art electrolysis system at Donaldsonville to generate carbon-free hydrogen from water that will then be supplied to an existing plant to produce green ammonia. Additionally, CF Industries is developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) and other carbon abatement projects across its production facilities that will enable CF to produce low-carbon ammonia.

For more information on the Company’s clean energy commitment: For more information on the Hydrogen Council:

About CF Industries Holdings, Inc.

CF Industries is a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products for clean energy, emissions abatement, fertilizer, and other industrial applications. We operate manufacturing complexes in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, which are among the most cost-advantaged, efficient, and flexible in the world and an unparalleled storage, transportation and distribution network in North America. Our 3,000 employees focus on safe and reliable operations, environmental stewardship and disciplined capital and corporate management, driving our strategy to leverage and sustainably grow the world’s most advantaged hydrogen and nitrogen platform to serve customers, creating long-term shareholder value. CF Industries routinely posts investor announcements and additional information on the company’s website at and encourages those interested in the company to check there frequently.


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