Chile: Port of San Antonio Looks to Use Green Hydrogen in its Operations

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Fuel Cells Works, Chile: Port of San Antonio Looks to Use Green Hydrogen in its Operations

The main maritime enclave of the country signed an agreement with Solek, which seeks that in the future the terminals can use this fuel for their processes. With this, it is intended to reduce the carbon footprint and work with an environmentally friendly energy source.

Port of San Antonio ChileThe general manager of Puerto San Antonio, Luis Knaak, and the CEO of the international energy company Solek, Zdenek Sobotka, signed a collaboration agreement for the development of a green hydrogen plant in the sector, which will reduce the carbon footprint that leaves the operation of the port industry.

From Solek they highlighted the characteristics of San Antonio to be a producer of this element. In addition, they explained that the plant will be fed with energy from a renewable source and water (H20), which, through an electrolysis process, this last element will dissociate into green hydrogen and oxygen.

“This is a collaboration that involves Solek and Puerto San Antonio, and it is a very important understanding because green energy is something that is coming. San Antonio is a port with a lot of progress and now that green energy is coming, new technology is also being promoted, one of them is this hydrogen in the future ”, said the founder and CEO of Solek, Zdenek Sobotka.

Regarding the stages of the agreement, Solek’s commercial manager, Mario Gómez, explained that “it has two stages: the first and through Puerto San Antonio, is that we can have access to the concessionaires to collect information, which consists of determining the uses and consumptions that may exist on green hydrogen ”.

Mario Gómez added that “the second stage is the sizing of the hydrogen plant, which can go at modular levels to channel the information obtained from the first stage. The ultimate goal is to achieve competitive green hydrogen so that the port can lower its carbon footprint ”.

The general manager of the port company, Luis Knaak, appreciated the request and emphasized that “this is very important. We have seen in different sources of information how fundamental green hydrogen is. The government also commented on it repeatedly ”.

Knaak concluded that “it is a tremendous opportunity for the country and the main port of Chile must be at that height. We are working hard to reduce carbon emissions and evaluating being able to incorporate it into the Puerto Exterior project ”.

The head of Sustainability of Puerto San Antonio, Héctor Marchant, who was also present at the firm, highlighted the advances to be considered in the future for the industry.

“We have to see the type of fuel that will be used in the future due to price and pollution issues. This agreement allows us to have the sizing of what will be used in hydrogen and at what price. It will allow us to have a powerful alternative to offer to the different terminals ”, he said.

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