China: 20 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Land in Changshu

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On the morning of December 30, 20 Suzhou Jinlong Haige hydrogen fuel cell buses landed in Changshu. As a local hydrogen energy demonstration project, these batches of zero-emission buses will soon bring a different “hydrogen” cleaning journey to Changshu citizens. 

The 20 buses including the stack and fuel cell system are provided by Re-Fire Technology and developed by Toyota. These vehicles are not only the first domestic hydrogen fuel cell buses using Toyota fuel cell technology but are also the results of the partnership between Re-Fire Technology, Toyota Motor, and Suzhou Jinlong to take advantage of all parties to jointly creating sustainable public transportation solutions.

At present, the first commercial hydrogen refueling station in Changshu High-tech Zone, Changjia Hydrogen Refueling Station, has begun construction and is scheduled to be completed in April 2020. The station’s daily hydrogen refueling capacity can reach 1,000 kilograms, which can meet the daily hydrogenation demand of about 70 buses or 150 trucks.
According to the plan, with the completion and opening of the hydrogen refueling station, the 20 hydrogen-fueled buses landing in Changshu will also be officially put into operation on City Bus Line 3.
Since the “Development Plan of the Changshu City’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry” was released in February of 2019, Changshu has actively deployed the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry and has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain. “In the future, more industry-leading companies will join hands to promote the development of Changshu hydrogen energy and promote the construction of a sustainable local ecological environment.”

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