China: Kangsheng & Zhangjiakou Cooperate and Set-Up $141.3 Million Hydrogen Fund

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On April 6, Kangsheng announced that it will be cooperating with the Zhangjiakou Municipal People’s Government and Zhongzhi Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. in the hydrogen energy automobile industry and set up a USD141.3 Million Hydrogen Fund.

The three parties signed the “Strategic Framework Agreement for Cooperation to Promote the Development of the Hydrogen Energy Automotive Industry”.

Kang Sheng Co., Ltd., Zhangjiakou Municipal People’s Government and Zhongzhi Group plan to carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy automobile industry, and jointly promote the construction of Zhangjiakou City’s hydrogen energy capital.

There are three main aspects of the cooperation, including the construction of a new energy vehicle manufacturing plant in Zhangjiakou, the establishment of a hydrogen energy fund and the incubation of the local industrial chain.

Kang Sheng will build a hydrogen vehicle production plant in the city and manufacture 1,500 passenger fuel cell cars and sanitation vehicles per year.

In the field of alternative energy vehicles, the company’s e drive technology, hydrogen fuel cell buses, and carbon fiber composite body are in the industry’s leading position.

In particular, hydrogen fuel cell buses have the advantages of short refueling time, non-pollution emissions, and long mileage, which are the key directions of industrial development in recent years. At present, Zhongzhi Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus ranks among the top in the national sales ranking of hydrogen fuel cell bus products.

Kangsheng Zhangjiakou CooperateThe 10.5m city bus, 8.9m highway bus and 8.9m city bus that have been developed are running in Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Foshan and Longquanyi. All buses are operational in good condition and,  are unanimously recognized and praised by the industry.

In 2019, the Zhongzhi Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus successfully completed the commuting mission of the Beijing World Expo, and the comfortable driving experience and the concept of green and environmental protection have been sought after by everyone.

At the same time, the Zhongzhi Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus will serve the 2022 Winter Olympics co-hosted by Beijing and Zhangjiakou and the Chengdu World University Games in 2021 and at that time, the Zhongzheng Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus will be displayed in front of the world.

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