China: Sinopec Partners with ReFire on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

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Sinope plus ReFire

Sinopec and ReFire recently announced that both companies have negotiated and signed a strategic cooperation agreement to expand and strengthen the development of hydrogen and fuel cell industry chain in China.

In a visit to the ReFire facilities, chairman and CEO Lin Qi welcomed the arrival of Sinopec Chairman Huang Wensheng and his party.

Lin Qi said, “ReFire has achieved some incredible achievements in the past few years, but there is still a lot of room for growth. It is a great honor to reach strategic cooperation with Sinopec Capital and to expand and strengthen the industrial structure with the support of Sinopec Capital. ”

Chairman Huang Wensheng said “that at present, Sinopec has laid out its layout in the construction of hydrogen refueling stations. In the future, it will take advantage of the existing network of 30,000 gas stations to build oil and hydrogen mixing stations. In addition, Sinopec will actively study more economical hydrogen production methods, further reduce the cost of production, storage, and transportation, and help the development of hydrogen energy industry.”

Sinopec Group Capital Co., Ltd., jointly established by Sinopec Group Co., Ltd., and Sinopec Corp., has discovered strategic investment opportunities through financial investment, focusing on new energy, new materials, energy conservation, and environmental protection, high-end intelligent manufacturing, big data, and labor. Strategic emerging industries such as intelligence.

ReFire Caven 3Shanghai Remodeling Co., Ltd. (ReFire) is a well-known supplier of hydrogen fuel cell systems in China. It is committed to opening up a comprehensive industrial chain of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. Its main business includes research and development, manufacturing and related engineering services for fuel cell systems and core components. One of the companies with the most fuel cell systems

ReFire’s CAVEN Fuel Cell Systems are widely used in light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Presently, half of the fuel cell vehicles that have been commercialized in China are equipped with ReFire’s Caven fuel cell system.






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