China: The Country’s First “Liquid Organic Hydrogen Storage” Project About to go Large Scale

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Recently, the first phase of the Hydrogen Storage Materials Project of Hydrogen Yangxin Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully completed marking the industrialization of “organic liquid hydrogen storage technology” and a substantial step has been taken to lay the foundation for the large-scale production of hydrogen storage materials in China.

On December 29, 2018 it was officially announced that the first phase was completed in Yidu City.

China The Countrys First Liquid Organic Hydrogen Storage Project About to go to Large Scale Production

Hydrogen is known as the “ultimate energy source” and is recognized as an internationally clean energy source. However, it has not yet been applied on a large scale. The bottleneck is that hydrogen is difficult to store and transport under normal temperature and pressure.

Cheng Hansong, Distinguished Professor of China University of Geosciences and Chairman of Hubei Hydrogen New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., led the team to develop a liquid organic hydrogen storage technology at normal temperature and pressure, which overcomes the world problem of hydrogen storage and transportation under normal temperature and pressure.

In November 2017, Hydrogen Company signed an investment agreement with Yidu City to produce 1 million tons of hydrogen storage materials, and jointly built the world’s first liquid hydrogen storage material production base to promote hydrogen fuel cell buses, logistics vehicles, backup power supplies and others. Hydrogen energy applications.

After more than a year of construction, the first phase of the project has been successfully completed. The project is expected to have a total investment of 3 billion yuan. After completion, the project can produce 1 million tons of liquid organic hydrogen storage materials.

Cheng Hansong said “that Hydrogen Energy will enter the commercialization stage of products in 2019, in automobiles and ships. The application of atmospheric and atmospheric pressure organic liquid hydrogen storage technology in the fields of off-grid energy storage is expected to become a new energy in the future.

In recent years, Yidu City has fully promoted the transformation of the chemical industry, actively recruited and laid out the development of new energy and new materials industries, and strived to open a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era.

The completion and mass production of the hydrogen energy storage materials project is a major achievement in the implementation of the project and for Yidu City.

The deputy secretary of the Yidu Municipal Committee and the mayor of the city, Tan Jianguo, said “that the mass production of the project will inject strong technology and green power into the development of the new energy and new materials industry in Yidu, and will certainly reconstruct the industrial map of Yidu.

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