China: World Record Flight Time for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone

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March 24, 2020 |

Chinese World Record Drone Flights

According to various Chinese media sources, a month ago, a research drone developed by Xinyan Chuangneng in conjunction with China National Airways achieved an uninterrupted outdoor flight of up to 331 minutes. 

The Science and Technology Daily report recently reported that Beijing Xinyan Chuangneng Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a six-rotor hydrogen fuel cell drone that can fly uninterrupted for 331 minutes, breaking the world record, which also shows that China is in the hydrogen fuel cell forefront of the world. The core technology of the drone is a hydrogen fuel cell, equipped with a high-pressure hydrogen storage bottle to provide hydrogen for the hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity.

The company claims to have successfully developed a 2 kW metal plate fuel cell air-cooled stack and system with small size, excellent performance, lightweight, and high power density, and successfully integrated it into the drone. The original target for this technology was 240 minutes, but it achieved 332 minutes of continuous outdoor flight. Not only that, but it also achieved long life in the high altitude environment, confirming that the hydrogen fuel cell developed by the company is also reliable under high winds, low temperatures, and low oxygen conditions.

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