China: X-IDEA Launches a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Motorcycle

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Fuel Cells Works, China: X-IDEA Launches a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Motorcycle

SHANGHAI–At the 19th China International Motorcycle Exhibition in Chongqing , September 17, 2021 , X-IDEA Industry Design Group revealed a fuel cell two-wheeled concept motorcycle named XCELL. The vehicle attracted attention from entire walks of life.

In X-IDEA’s launch conference, the CEO (Jiang Ming), VP and Chief Design Officer Lu Xiang (Luke) and other leaders made strategic speeches consecutively . It was evident from their speeches that most of the current innovations are focused on performance and appearance.

Source of The Concept

“Considering all life evolved from the cell , hence we are wondering whether two-wheeled vehicles can also evolve in a similar manner. On the vehicle itself, XCELL Chassis as well as suspension should be flexible and solid as the bone, instead of acting as cold machine, or we called it the extension of the rider’s limbs . Based on these concepts , we conducted brainstorm internally , and result in a style involving hydrogen power, riding posture (at any time) adjustment, with organic appearance. “said by Luke Lu , XIDEA Chief Design Officer.

Innovated Man-machine Relationship

A user-defined riding posture can meet various needs cross various situations by changing the riding triangle (SEAT, BAR, FOOTPEG) at appropriate time. Electronic directional regulation gave the feasibility to adjust the three points of handlebars, pedals, and cushions. By changing the sitting position, riders can choose and switch at any time to his most comfortable positions.

Intelligent Active Safety System

The intelligent active safety system offered from XCELL can enable riders with timely obstacle feedback based on road conditions regardless of the objects , it can predict blind corners and expand your field of vision.

The Fuel Cell

The XCELL hydrogen-powered fuel cell fitted with four storage tanks in the front that generate driving force through the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

New two-wheeler concepts , X-CELL , represents proposal of X-IDEA towards development of the two-wheeler industry in the next ten years , a exploration of the new man-machine relationship in the form of two-wheel riding.


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