China: Yuantong Debuts a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Logistics Vehicle

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DMFC Truck China Main
  • Can travel 500 kilometer and refuel in 1 minute

On September 10th, the 3rd China (Hangzhou) International Express Industry Conference hosted by the State Post Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and China Express Association was held in Tonglu. In the exhibition area, the National Engineering Laboratory of Logistics Information led by Yuantong and Suzhou Okahua New Energy Co., Ltd. jointly released a “Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Logistics Vehicle”, which attracted wide attention from all parties.

DMFC Truck China 1It is understood that the standard range of the logistics vehicle is close to 500 kilometers, and the fuel filling time is only 1 minute.

According to Xu Lixin, Chairman of Ogahua, compared with the methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell that is widely publicized in the market, the direct methanol fuel cell reduces the process of decomposing methanol into hydrogen and then using hydrogen to generate electricity for electrode reaction. Methanol reacts directly on the electrodes to generate electricity, and the cost of electricity generation is lower. Large-scale application will reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency, and improve environmental quality.

Xiang Feng, vice president of Yuantong Express and director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Logistics Information, said at the launching ceremony that the innovative product “Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Logistics Vehicle” will play the role of “scrubber” in the city “capillary vessels”. The role of the diesel and gasoline internal combustion engines in the past has greatly reduced the pollution caused by the entire social organism, and put a green veil on the express logistics industry.

It is widely believed in the industry that the use of methanol fuel cell systems is a world-recognized “fuel cell solution with Chinese characteristics”, combined with the characteristics of China’s energy structure, especially the high dependence of crude oil and natural gas in transportation.

Source: Trolley Resources Industry News

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