China: Zhengzhou Replaces all its Buses with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

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June 17, 2020 |

Zhengzhou Replaces all its Buses with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Main

Recently, Zhengzhou Public Transport added new energy public transport vehicles. On June 11th, dozens of hydrogen fuel cell buses were neatly parked at the Zhengcun Bus Station of Zhengzhou Bus No. 2 Company.

It is understood that following the launch of 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses a few days ago, the B18 bus will be “renewed across the board” from the original gas-electric hybrid vehicle to a hydrogen fuel cell bus.

Road B18 connects Zhengdong New District and Jinshui District, and runs through half a city in Zhengzhou. The total length of the route is 36 kilometers, passing through the main prosperous roads such as Wenhua Road, Agricultural Road, Jingsan Road, Jinshui Road, and Future Road.

Also announced is that the 30 hydrogen fuel cell buses replaced this time are 12 meters long, equipped with cushioned seats and airbag shock absorbers, which can reduce the bumpy feeling of passengers and increase comfort.


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