China’s Successful Development of High-Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells: 100KW Power can be Used for Passenger Cars, Heavy Trucks

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Fuel cells are one of the hot new energy sources in recent years, especially hydrogen fuel cells. The products after combustion are only water, very clean, and China is also tackling high-power hydrogen fuel technology. Today, Yihuatong announced that its high-power hydrogen fuel cell engine has been approved by the state, with a power of 100KW.

According to the official website, Beijing Yihuatong Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell engine system technology. It has formed a hydrogen fuel cell engine as the core, including bipolar plates, stacks, and intelligent DC/ The vertically integrated product system including DC, hydrogen system and test bench, the new generation hydrogen fuel cell engine system based on the core independent intellectual property rights, completes the national fuel cell system technical target 2 years ahead of schedule, and reaches the international advanced level.

The self-developed full range of test service systems provides a complete solution for many major commercial vehicle fuel cell laboratories.

This mid-term acceptance is the national key R&D project “High-energy-adapted road passenger car fuel cell power system and vehicle integration technology for new energy vehicles”.

Chinas Successful Development of High Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells 2

The “new energy vehicle” is one of the key special projects of the national key R&D plan. Among them , the high-power hydrogen fuel cell engine developed by Yihuatong has a rated power of more than 100kW, and is mainly used in high-power operation vehicles such as road buses and heavy trucks .

As the person in charge of the project team, Li Jianqiu believes that this product is of great significance for giving full play to the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell engines in the field of high power and long life and heavy load, which will help to further expand and enrich the application scenarios of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and drive industrial development.

Chinas Successful Development of High Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Yihuatong has participated in the National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology for many times. The other independent hydrogen fuel cell engines exhibited at the same time have also participated in the “Power System Platform and Vehicle Integration Technology of the New Energy Vehicles.” “New energy vehicle fuel cell bus electric-electric deep hybrid system and vehicle integration technology” and other projects, and passed the acceptance of high standards. At present, the products have been widely used in buses, buses, logistics vehicles, cars and other models.

The project “High-energy-adapted road passenger car fuel cell power system and vehicle integration technology for new energy vehicles” also includes research and development of hybrid bus system for fuel cell-power battery of road bus, and comparison of international and domestic advanced fuel cell power systems.

Tests and reliability studies, research and development of high-capacity on-board hydrogen systems for road passenger cars, research on rapid hydrogenation technology, vehicle development and demonstration of fuel cell road buses, etc., were carried out by Tsinghua University and China Automotive Research Institute.

Source: CN BETA


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