Chinese Metal Producers Partner on Developing Graphite BiPolar Plates for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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April 16, 2019 |

Fuel Cell Stacks

China’s two largest metals producers, signed an MOU agreement to join forces in order to develop production technology for graphite bipolar plates used in hydrogen fuel cells.

In a statement from Sinosteel Anhui Tianyuan Technology, the company said ” Sinosteel Nanjing New Materials Institute and Sinosteel New Materials Zhejiang will form a joint venture and invest CNY8 million (USD1.2 million) in early-stage research and development, Sinosteel Anhui Tianyuan Technology”

Bipolar plates (BPs) are a key component of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells with multifunctional character. They uniformly distribute fuel gas and air, conduct electrical current from cell to cell, remove heat from the active area, and prevent leakage of gases and coolant. BPs also significantly contribute to the volume, weight and cost of PEM fuel cell stacks.


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