Cleen Energy Enters Into the Hydrogen Storage Market in Austria

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CLEEN Energy AG is expanding its portfolio of innovative energy concepts. With CLEEN zeero, the first series-ready solution for hydrogen storage is brought onto the market in Austria.

Making electricity storage available for the mass market is a decisive factor in creating the energy transition towards 100% green electricity. Until now, hydrogen storage systems have not been available or have been considered too expensive and too low in efficiency to be a real solution for storing excess electricity.

This is exactly where the new solution comes in: CLEEN zeero is a hydrogen storage system for trade, industry and private households from 330 kWh, in which excess sustainably produced electricity is used to generate hydrogen by means of electrolysis. If necessary, the stored hydrogen is then used to generate electricity using fuel cells. At the same time, the CLEEN zeero makes the process heat generated during electrolysis and combustion usable as heat for heating.

CLEEN zeero is the first mass-produced hydrogen storage device on the Austrian market. It is characterized by its excellent price-performance ratio and its high degree of efficiency.

In combination with photovoltaic systems, hydrogen storage systems are ideal green electricity storage systems because they do not release any CO2. At the same time, the basic electricity utilization in Austria can also be covered in the cold season. In addition, CLEEN zeero is ideal for blackout prevention or emergency power supply. Thanks to the integrated emergency power or black start capability, it can take over in just 10ms in the event of a power failure and that without any mains supply. CLEEN zeero is therefore 100% “stand-alone”, which is only possible with conventional technologies such as lithium-ion batteries with very high investment sums.

“Our strategic goal when entering this new technology is clear: We are an essential facilitator for the energy transition in Austria and a one-stop shop for complete sustainable retrofitting,” explains CEO Lukas Scherzenlehner. “Hydrogen storage systems are an ideal addition to our product portfolio. This enables us to offer our customers sustainability concepts for electricity autonomy with the hydrogen megatrend – made in Austria. “, Scherzenlehner continues.

The first projects with CLEEN zeero are already planned and will be implemented in the next few weeks. One of the first systems with the series-ready model is due to go into operation in the course of next week at the CLEEN Energy headquarters in Haag. CLEEN Energy plans to make the storage system available to the broad market at the beginning of the second half of 2021, apart from already planned projects. You can find more information about the CLEEN zeero at

About CLEEN Energy

 CLEEN Energy AG, based in Haag (Lower Austria), is the leading full-service provider for sustainable and clean energy efficiency solutions in Austria. With the wide range of services in the areas of photovoltaics, LEDs, heat pumps, electricity storage and electromobility, customers have the advantage of having individual energy concepts created and implemented from a single source. The competence of CLEEN Energy AG covers the entire process: from concept development, through planning, financing and funding applications to assembly and maintenance. With the innovative financing models, which enable customers to make investment-free conversions, CLEEN Energy is an essential facilitator (alternatively “pioneer”) for the energy transition in Austria.

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