Clévia Takes Part in Building the hydrogen Fuel Cell Production Site and Symbio’s Head Office

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Fuel Cells Works, Clévia Takes Part in Building the hydrogen Fuel Cell Production Site and Symbio's Head Office

Zero-emission hydrogen mobility leader Symbio produces and markets a complete range of hydrogen solutions (or StackPacks) to vehicle manufacturers around the world. The company is based in Saint-Fons (69), where our Clévia experts are taking part in the building of a 25,000 m² production site including the company’s head office. 

The future Symbio hydrogen fuel cell production site and its headquarters are located on an eight-hectare site. By the end of summer 2023, the company will have more than 650 employees working there, divided between the production centre, R&D, logistics warehouse, a series of business support facilities and the head office.

“It is a huge industrial challenge, to quickly deliver a plant capable of producing 50,000 hydrogen systems per year using state-of-the-art technology. The site will be carbon neutral, and certified Very Good with the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM),” said project manager Rémi Michoud.

Our experts will be working on a large part of the future production plant, and in particular on the air networks for clean room treatment and the backbone (or Rack) supporting the site’s hydraulic networks. They will also install large HVAC equipment including air handling units (AHUs) and recyclers in the technical rooms (or Epine).

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Our plumbing specialists are also to carry out work on the service area located on the factory’s first floor, and in the R&D centre. In addition, they will organize the recovery of heat produced by the R&D process benches, to heat the whole site.


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