CMB and Japanese Shipbuilder TFC Have Constructed the “World’s First” Hydrogen-Fueled Small Passenger Ferry

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Fuel Cells Works, CMB and Japanese Shipbuilder TFC Have Constructed the "World's First" Hydrogen-Fueled Small Passenger Ferry

Companies announced the completion of a 19-tonnage aluminum alloy passenger ship “Hydro Bingo” equipped with a hydrogen co-firing engine. This ship is a catamaran equipped with two hydrogen and light oil co-firing engines, and is the world’s first small passenger ship for the purpose of boarding passengers.

A system jointly developed with CMB of Belgium has significantly reduced the emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, such as CO2 emitted during navigation, and is the largest eco-ship compared to conventional diesel engines and achieves a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Equipped with a movable hydrogen storage tank at the rear of the ship, it is designed to supply hydrogen to the engine through a separate line from light oil for co-firing, so there is no need for hydrogen filling equipment and transportation to supply hydrogen.

In addition, various measures that reflect the design of hydrogen / light oil dual fuel ships in accordance with the “Safety Guidelines for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ships” (published on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website) was created based on the functional requirements of the IGF Code and the special characteristics of hydrogen fuel. It has a variety of hydrogen fuel facilities and has passed the inspection of the Japan Small Ship Inspection Organization (JCI).

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