Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstrator Performs Successful Test Flights

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Lingque-H hydrogen fuel cell demonstrator performed successful test flights at Zhengzhou Shangjie airport in the last three months, the tests were 4 variants including fixed/retractable undercarriages, T/V and conventional tails flew 10 sorties over 24hs, which fully validated the power system.

Since January 2019 the Lingque-H has successfully completed the test flight mission with 4 configurations and 10 sorties.

These successful tests mark the future and progress for China Commercial Aircraft Corp in the exploration of hydrogen fuel cell flights.

Using and with the help of 3D metal printing technology the project was able to go from conception to the first test flight in only 5 months. The plane has a wing span of 6 meters.

The company did not supply further details as to flight time.

Yang Zhigang, with COMAC Beijing Research Center, said “hydrogen is very abundant and can be obtained through solar, wind and other energy sources, making it an energy source capable of developing a low-carbon sustainable transportation system.”

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