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iGas energy and FEST are realizing their first joint projects as “green-h2-systems”

Stolberg— iGas energy GmbH from Stolberg and FEST GmbH from Goslar have received the order to build a plant for the production of hydrogen for the world’s largest fleet of fuel cell trains in the near future. Only recently, the two companies had agreed on a close cooperation in the field of hydrogen technology. Together they have founded the new business field “green-h2-systems” for the development, marketing and production of systems for the CO 2 -neutral generation and use of hydrogen.

The range of services of the new business area includes complete energetic solutions for industrial and public clients, from power supply from renewable energy sources to electrolysis, the transport and storage of hydrogen to commercial fueling systems for vehicles.

First joint projects

As part of the cooperation, iGas energy and FEST have already acquired several orders for H 2 electrolysis systems that are already being implemented in Germany, the most important hydrogen market. Outstanding are two current megawatt projects based on the “Green Electrolyzer”:

GASAG AG, Berlin : Generation of green hydrogen, which is fed into the public gas network, by PEM-based electrolysis. The capacity of 210 Nm 3 hydrogen per hour corresponds to electrical energy of around 1 MW.

InfraServ GmbH & Co. Höchst KG, Frankfurt : Electrolysis of water for the refueling of the new hydrogen-based regional trains of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, which will operate the largest fleet of fuel cell trains in the world with 27 trains in the near future. The system, which FEST delivers on a turnkey basis, will generate around 1,050 Nm 3 of hydrogen per hour for the hydrogen filling station in Industriepark Höchst , which corresponds to 5 MW of electrical energy.

Karl-Heinz Lentz, the founder and managing director of iGas energy, sees his development work confirmed by the order from InfraServ: “Our“ Green Electrolyzer is highly efficient and has a good price-performance ratio. Although we are a young company, our employees have many years of industrial experience and offer support in dealing with German authorities. These were just a few of the reasons why we prevailed over important competitors in awarding this contract. ”

iGas energy

The basis of the water electrolysis is the modular “Green Electrolyzer” developed by iGas energy, which produces between 5 and 6,000 Nm³ of hydrogen per hour, which corresponds to around 25 kW to 30 MW of electrical energy.

In addition to the further development of electrolysis, iGas energy is also working intensively on other innovative hydrogen technology projects, for example on hydrogen-based energy storage systems as a complete solution including energy and heat management for hydrogen-based buildings or neighborhoods.


In the technological alliance with the partner companies of the SK Group, FEST offers the conception, planning and production of the turnkey systems as well as their maintenance. The basis is the company’s many years of international experience in the implementation of innovative industrial total solutions from rectifier technology from IPS-FEST GmbH to electrical and automation technology and IT.

Matthias Authenrieth, CEO of the FEST Group, is certain that the cooperation between iGas and FEST has great potential: “Green hydrogen, generated from excess electricity from wind and water power, solar energy and waste heat from industrial processes, will be used as a CO 2 -neutral energy source and storage will play an essential role in the future energy industry in Germany and globally. That is why we have bundled our expertise on the subject of “hydrogen” in the new business area “green-h2-systems”. ”

The Schmidt-Kranz Group rounds off the range with technologies from its other companies. Maximator GmbH in Nordhausen, for example, specializes in H 2 compressor stations, storage technology and refueling systems.

Background: The PEM technology

The Green Electrolyzer from iGas energy produces hydrogen from excess electricity. It is delivered ready for connection including the closed cooling circuit, the entire measurement and control technology and all ancillary units. The systems are exceptionally compact and scalable within wide limits.

The heart of the Green Electrolyzer from iGas energy are proven stacks based on the “Proton Exchange Membrane” (PEM) technology. They have proven their reliability in hundreds of applications and are characterized by efficient operation and high availability.

With an electrical power consumption of 25 kW to 1 MW, the individual stacks each generate 5 to 210 Nm³ hydrogen per hour. If several stacks are cascaded, they achieve a connection value of up to 30 MW.

The PEM electrolysers follow fluctuating power input quickly and work efficiently even in the lower partial load range. They only need electricity and drinking water to operate. They are designed for unmanned operation and are almost maintenance-free – a basic requirement for operation in remote locations.

The innovative thermal management of the modules and the low energy consumption of the auxiliary units make a significant contribution to the high efficiency of the overall system. The Green Electrolyzers are designed for a service life of more than 20 years, the stacks for more than 80,000 operating hours.

With the downstream, optional gas processing, the systems deliver hydrogen with a gas quality of up to 5.0 and thus meet the standard for use in fuel cells and vehicles.


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