Croatia’s HEP Transforms Plomin Coal Plant Into a Hub for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Production

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Croatia’s state-run energy company, Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP), is taking a monumental step by converting its Plomin thermal power plant from a coal-powered unit into a center for sustainable energy production.

HEP has been a linchpin in Croatia’s power infrastructure, and the Plomin power plant is on the cusp of a transformative change. As the company sets a goal to phase out coal by 2033 and cease Plomin’s operation by 2035, the focus is now on renewable alternatives.

The roadmap was laid out last year when HEP initiated studies on the best available techniques (BAT) for leveraging alternative fuels such as gas, biomass, and waste at the plant’s 125 MW unit A, which has been inactive since 2017. The plant’s second unit, with a capacity of 210 MW, remains operational.

A recent announcement clarifies HEP’s sustainable vision: to maximize the renewable energy potential of the Plomin site. Plans have been outlined for a 25 MW solar power plant, supplemented by an electrolyzer for hydrogen production.

The shift toward solar power and hydrogen is part of a broader strategy to align Croatia’s energy production with low-carbon initiatives and market trends. Hydrogen will serve as a versatile fuel, either powering existing unit 2 boilers, contributing to the natural gas grid, or being sold for powering trucks, ships, and hydrogen batteries.



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