Cummins Calls on Federal Government for Support on Green Hydrogen

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Fuel cells works, Cummins Calls on Federal Government for Support on Green Hydrogen

Cummins, which makes engines for the trucks that are the backbone of America’s freight industry, is asking the federal government for help to make hybrid hydrogen fuel cells a viable fuel option for trucks.

Vice Chairman Tony Satterthwaite told a U.S. Senate committee Tuesday that renewable hydrogen should be part of the government’s plans moving forward.

“Cummins has invested significantly in the entire hydrogen value chain because it has shown to be one of the most effective enabling technologies for broad and deep decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors where Cummins’ products operate,” he said. “Europe and East Asia have an early lead in this space, having committed hundreds of billions of dollars respectively to promote decarbonized hydrogen production and fuel cell equipment deployment.”

For example, hydrogen fuel cells are seen as generating the kind of energy necessary to power passenger trains, so rail systems wouldn’t have to string electric wire overhead for long distances to get the low-carbon benefits of electrification.

Hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to deliver a viable hydrogen infrastructure and ecosystem to provide vehicles to modernize the fuel infrastructure and further provide a cleaner and more cost effective energy future.

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